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  The materials below offer instruction on how to use MSIX.

MSIX Training Toolkit

  The MSIX Training Toolkit contains training materials that are customizable to a State’s needs. The Toolkit includes Facilitator Guides,
Lesson Plans, PowerPoint presentations for training, and Exercises that utilize the online MSIX Training Environment. Before accessing
the different components, trainers should read through the “Getting Started” files for an overview of the Toolkit’s structure, purpose,
and features.

  MSIX Training Toolkit (Zipped)
  MSIX Training Toolkit Webinar (Zipped)

Online Training

  These interactive trainings provide step-by-step instruction on the functionality each user type can perform in MSIX. New users should
complete the entirety of the proper module. Experienced users can skip between individual sections via the Table of Contacts if you would like
instruction on a specific function.

Please select the appropriate version of the training module. The links below will open in a new browser window.

  Government Administrator Online Training
  Primary User Online Training
  Secondary User Online Training
  State Regional Administrator Online Training
  Data Administrator Online Training
  User Administrator Online Training

Quick Reference Guide

  This Quick Reference Guide is a convenient resource for commonly used MSIX features.
  Quick Reference Guide

Training Environment Guide

  This guide offers instructions on how to request the access to the MSIX Training Environment.

MSIX Smart Sheets

  The MSIX Smart Sheets offer important information about general functionality, how to best use the reports, and protecting student privacy.
  How to Use MSIX
  Using MSIX Reports
  Information Security
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