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  About the ID&R Curriculum
  The curriculum design provides a framework for recruiter development and progression along a continuum. Modules have been divided into three levels – basic, intermediate, and advanced. Basic modules are designed primarily to introduce the MEP to new recruiters. Intermediate modules are most suited for recruiters with one to five years of experience wishing to learn more advanced concepts and skills. Advanced modules are designed to introduce veteran recruiters with more than five years of recruiting experience to more advanced concepts and help prepare them to take on a larger leadership role in the MEP. However, veteran recruiters will also find basic and intermediate modules useful as refresher training.
  We hope that these materials will serve to support your ID&R Training efforts.
  Please click on the “Curriculum Guide” link to find out more about how to use the curriculum.
  Note: The materials for each Module are contained within compressed files. If your computer is not equipped with the software needed to unzip the files, you will need to install the necessary software before downloading the modules.

National ID&R Curriculum

Curriculum Guide




Module 1. Introduction to the MEP Basic None
Module 2. The Identification and Recruitment Process Basic None
Module 3. Base Recruiter Duties and Responsibilities Basic None
Module 4. Determining Child Eligibility Basic None
Module 5. Interviewing a Migrant Family or Youth Basic Module 4
Module 6. Completing a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Basic Modules 4, 5
Module 7. Making Child Eligibility Decisions Basic Modules 2, 4
Module 8. Explaining MEP to Migrant Families and Youth Basic Modules 1, 4
Module 9. Quality Control Basic None
Module 10. Individual Identification and Recruitment Action Plan Basic None
Module 11. Developing a Recruitment Network Basic Modules 1, 8
Module 12. Challenges in Identifying and Recruiting Migrant Children Intermediate Module 2
Module 13. Determining the Need for a Follow-up Interview Intermediate Module 5
Module 14. Using a Translator Effectively Intermediate Module 5
Module 15. Reviewing Another Recruiter's COE Intermediate Modules 4, 6
Module 16. Cultural Awareness and Communication Intermediate Module 4
Module 17. Locating Migrant Families and Youth Intermediate Modules 4, 11
Module 18. Other Services for Migrant Families Intermediate Modules 1, 8
Module 19. Caseload Management Intermediate Modules 3, 9
Module 20. Personal Safety Intermediate Module 5
Module 21. Emergency Preparedness Intermediate Module 3
Module 22. Ethics Advanced None
Module 23. Assessing a Recruitment Network Advanced Module 11
Module 24. Evaluating an Individual Action Plan Advanced Module 10
Module 25. Assessing Communications Advanced Module 16
Module 26. Community Coordiation Advanced Modules 1, 3
Module 27. Meeting Preparation and Management Advanced Module 26

Additional Materials

Eligibility Factors Handout(s) and MEP Definitions
Bank of Warm Up Activities
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